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Have you attempted to sell your home in today's real estate environment? If so, you know that it's Not Easy. There are roadblocks & challenges along the way and sometimes personal and painful circumstances come with the decision to sell.

As a Realtor I'm always here for you. I understand that I have the responsibility to educate others on the various types & benefits of home sales today which include Short Sales, Probate, and Equity sales. I have positioned my business to be your source for free, helpful information. I don't represent the banks selling foreclosed homes because I'm too busy helping my friends avoid foreclosure.

Take a look at this video on the three tips for selling & then let's talk.

Know your Options...

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After viewing this video you now see why it's critical to price your house right the first time. We may want to consider getting pre inspections before we have an offer. As home owners, we quite often don't want to face the truth about the possible decline in our home's value. With a pre inspection appraisal, we will be prepared to consider and counter all offers. And, as hard as it might be to accept, the truth about pricing is that in a market with declining home prices, the seller who prices it right the first time Wins.

You may be thinking, "Our house isn't a foreclosure so it's worth more." Regrettably, this may not be true. Your home is worth what the current market, qualified buyers & very cautious home appraisers & lenders will place on it. If the Bank Owned "Repo" down the block is priced below your home, than we’d better have a justifiable reason for asking what we're asking. If not, we all lose!

A home inspection could run $350 - $550 while a termite inspection with limited report could range around $75 or in some cases free. Visit my team of service providers for a list of local business owners that my friends have used.

And we should consider all offers. That really sounds simple.  However if we don't price our homes correctly than we won't have any offers. No amount of marketing will sell an overpriced home.

Now, to all my friends who need to look at options such as a "Short Sale".

You're not alone. Millions of Americans are looking for help. My team of short sale negotiators and I  have helped many home owners avoid foreclosure & we may be able to help you as well.

At, I provide our friends with proven ways to save time & money while searching & selling homes. I know you want results and I will provide them.

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