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Now that you're registered and are getting my "New Listings" emails, I thought you might like some helpful information on how my website works.

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All "New Listing" emails are generated based on two things: The first is from the search criteria that you and I discussed. The second is from searches that you perform while on my site. My site recognizes the types, styles & locations of the homes that you visit & will begin sending you homes that match your searches. We will discuss this further when we go over “Hot Sheets."

If you're ever asked to register "Why signup for this website?" simply reenter your email as an Existing Wesite User.

Things you should know arrow diagram

Here we are at a properties home page & I’ve added a few more colored arrows to indicate a few features that you'll want to use.

The Green arrow directs you to the Home page.

The Blue arrow directs you to a Property Search which you can use to search homes and save searches. This is a great way to narrow your search as well as create property "Hot Sheets”. The Red arrow indicates the “Add to Saved” button. This will add the property you are looking at to Your "Favorites" for future reference. When you add a property to your saved/favorites, it allows me to see which homes you like. You can also rank your favorites with 1-5 stars and add notes. These notes and rankings will only be seen by you & me.

Things you should know arrow diagram

Here's an example of what the screen will look like after you hit the “Add to Saved” button.

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Once you’ve added a home as a favorite, it will show up in “Your Favorites” (Green arrow) which is accessible on the website tool bar. Notice that I have marked this home with 4-stars & in the Notes section I asked for more info. In this example, I have also created a “Hot Sheet” for homes around El Camino CC. Once a “Hot Sheet” is created, you can click on the “Hot Sheet” and begin your search. Creating “Hot Sheets” is easy. I can create them for you or I would be more than happy to show you how to create them.

That’s it for now. However, if you need further help navigating through my site I’m more than happy to go over it via phone, email or in person. Just let me know.

Sean McGalis

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